Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Geisha Stories

2nd Solo art exhibition 

My work so far, I am getting ready for my second solo art exhibition "Geisha Stories". I got inspired from my Japanese Collection, as I am a huge fan of the Japanese Culture. The whole thing started from my Grandfather, who was at the Navy and he was travelling a lot and one of his many destinations was Japan. I remember, when I was a little girl I was fond of the Japanese Geisha Dolls he bought from one of his travels. The detail of their clothes was amazing, wearing beautiful Kimonos and holding the traditional umbrellas. So that was the first click for me, including the Japanese teaware, the Japanese albums and yet many things, that I kept from the journeys of my Grandfather. The whole Japanese Collection is on a showcase and recently I went to a Bazaar and there I found a Traditional Japanese Plate for my Collection, as I had a discussion with the lady that I bought the plate, she told me that she is glad to see young people to be interested in such things. I learned that everything you get you have to treat it with love.

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