Thursday, 9 July 2015

Portara, Naxos

I was asked to draw Portara, Naxos Island Illustration Antique silver pendant Using Winsor&Newton Cotman paper, watercolors, black pilot pen and white stabilo carbothello History of Portara: The Portara stands on Palatia, which was once a hill but is now a separated little island connected to Naxos by a causeway. The Portara is the entrance to an unfinished temple that faces directly toward to Delos, Apollo's birthplace. For this reason most scholars believe it was dedicated to Apollo, but some think it was built in honor of Dionysus, who was worshipped in Naxos Island. The rectangular door stands 26 feet high and is made of four blocks of marble, each 16 feet long and weighing 20 tons. ( 

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